Shopify Training Session


This is a 1:1 Training session on your Shopify store with Aimee Scott.

Have you recently launched your Shopify and now need a training session to start using Shopify like a boss?

A Shopify training session will leave you feeling confident, capable & excited to run your Shopify store on your own.

We’ll discuss:

  • How to login to Shopify
  • Navigating the Shopify portal
  • Accepting and fulfilling orders
  • Adding/ editing products
  • Adding/ editing pages
  • Editing policies
  • Editing your Shopify site
  • How to add new images
  • Managing inventory
  • Adding new apps
  • Shopify Email marketing
  • Communicating with customers via Shopify

You will get:

  • A 1 hour time slot with Aimee
  • A recording of the 1:1 live session
  • Any action taking tasks presented to you by Aimee
  • Notes from your session

How to book:

  • Pay for your Shopify Training Session through our website
  • On confirmation you will receive an email and link to a calendar to book in your session
  • You have 30 days to book in your session


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