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The SEO Method

The only self-paced online course website owners need to complete their own SEO with confidence!

The SEO Method!

The SEO Method course is for anyone with a website, who wants to make more sales and win more clients through the power of search!

The only thing standing between you & your next sale is your website.

SEO transforms your website from *just* a pretty site waiting for someone to find it, to an online powerhouse capable of attracting your ideal audience through Google. How? Through the power of Search Engine Optmisation. 

Billions of people are using search engines like Google each day to search for products and services that YOU offer!

Imagine what your business is capable of once your can get your website in front of the people who need it most!

The SEO Method takes the confusion out of SEO and empowers you to take control of your website.

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Forget what you have heard about SEO - you are capable of becoming confident and capable with SEO with me by your side!

Take a look inside The SEO Method!

Do you want to become more confident than ever before with your website?

The SEO Method was created to give website owners the opportunity to learn how search engines like Google rank websites and then how to go about getting ranked successfully without any stress or overwhelm around SEO, and minus the huge ongoing SEO agency fees that come with outsourcing your SEO.

5 x Main Course Modules
  1. What is SEO
  2. Why is SEO Important
  3. How Google ranks your website
  4. What is Website Domain Authority
  1. What is On Page SEO
  2. What is Content Optimisation
  3. What is Meta Information
  1. Why Is Keyword Research Important
  2. Keywords Vs. Search Terms
  3. How to Complete Keyword Research
  1. SEO Strategy
  2. SEO Goal Setting
  1. Content Optimisation
  2. Meta: Titles & Descriptions
  3. Meta: URL Structure
  4. Optimisation: Headings
  5. Optimisation: Copywriting
  6. Optimisation: Internal Linking
  7. Optimisation: Images
  8. Optimisation: Alt text
  9. Optimisation: Mobile Responsiveness
  10. SEO Content
  11. Content: Blogging
  12. Creating Content: Pillar Pages
  13. Backlinks: High Quality Backlinks
  1. SEO Measurement
  2. SEO Management
40+ Lessons
4+ Hours Video Training

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Price 1

One time payment of $799 - save $101!

Price 2

Three monthly payments of $300

Price 3

Five monthly payments of $180

The SEO Method!

Become confident with understanding SEO

Learn what is SEO and why SEO is important for the growth of your business.

Confidently optimise your own website

Get your website indexed and ranked in Google easily with my step by step method.

Create your own SEO Strategy & set SEO goals

Complete your SEO knowing it is aligned with your SEO strategy to get unbelievable results.

Learn the exact way to rank higher in Google

If getting your website in front of more people is your goal then it's time to get started.

Manage your own SEO Strategy ongoing

No need to pay an agency over $800 per month when you can manage your own SEO.

Build your website authority the safe way

Understand how to securely grow your domain authority with quality backlinks.

Hey, I'm Aimee

I have been obsessed with the power of a brands online presence since I started web design 10 years ago. 

Within my 5 years of running my own business Aim Up Digital, I have built over 200+ websites and helped brands launch globally.

But what I have realised in the past few years is that more small business owners wanted to build their own website.

So they did, and still do to this day. Have you recently built your own website?

You have more than likely heard how impossible SEO is, or looked to hire an agency to did it for you and nearly fallen over at how expensive it is. 

So I created The SEO Method a self paced online course that gives anyone with a website the opportunity to complete their own SEO on their website.

The only way to get your website shown on Google is through SEO so it is critical in order to grow your online business. 

I am here to show you just how easy SEO can be and empower you to do it yourself. What are you wsiting for?

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the course take to finish?

You will have lifetime access to the course so there is no timeframe, do it at your own pace.

Is this a live course or pre-recorded?

The SEO Method is a pre recorded course with all video and training sessions ready to go.

Do I get any 1:1 support?

You will get a 30 minute private coaching session on sign up to ask any questions. This can be booked anytime within 4 weeks of enrolment.

Do I need any previous SEO experience?

No, you don't need SEO experience. Ideally it is good to have experience with your chosen web builder.

Can I share this course with another person?

This course is built for your business only. Feel free to share your knowledge along the way.

Will I get a certificate on completion?

Yes! You will get an SEO certified certificate addressed to you or your business name.

Do I need web development experience?

No, you do not need web development experience to complete the course.

Do I need web design experience?

No, but having confidence using your front end website builder is adviced or support is available.

Will I need to pay for any systems?

No, all of the SEO systems recommended to you in the course are free.

The SEO Method Course Banner that teaches website owners how to complete their own SEO

Ready to join The SEO Method?

Do you want to become more confident than ever before with your website?

The SEO Method was created to give website owners the opportunity to learn how search engines like Google rank websites and then how to go about getting ranked successfully without any stress or overwhelm around SEO, and minus the huge ongoing SEO agency fees that come with outsourcing your SEO.

The thing is SEO does not have to be difficult. SEO is more focused on understanding how Google ranks websites, and then what you can do to help your website get ranked. The great thing about SEO is that you have complete control over what you put into your website. 

The SEO Method is broken down into 2 phases. Phase 1 is building a deeper understanding of SEO and the process in which Google indexes and ranks websites within the search pages. Phase 2 is all building your SEO strategy and website optimisation where you implement your SEO strategy first hand to your website.

Firstly you must understand WHY things are done on your website before you go and do them.

The SEO Method is for anyone with a website. So it does not matter if you have previous SEO experience, or website design experience. You will find that any website whether it is brand new or an established website can skyrocket beyond what you thought was ever possible through the power of SEO. 

SEO has the ability to connect your content to people worldwide. The power lies directly within your website and through your website content and building authority you will see just how important SEO is for the success of your business.

There is nothing more powerful than clients and customers who are able to search for something they need and find your business within the most trusted resource in the entire world. 

The possibilities are endless, and The SEO Method is going to take you there and beyond. 

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