Welcome to the Social Media Strategy Questionnaire

The social media strategy questionnaire will become our go-to guide throughout creating your social media strategy and will assist us in fully understanding and perfecting your business vision. We want to understand the current social media and brand processes for your business. The social media strategy questionnaire will initially focus on setting goals that deliver results and analysing your current social media reporting system. The second part of the questionnaire will allow you to fully assess your current brand vision and create a clear vision of where you brand will be in the future. You will be able to analyse your brand and effectively provide the feedback needed for Aim Up Digital to begin your social media strategy.

What we will cover in the questionnaire:

  1. Goal Setting – Goal Setting is a key step toward providing value and improving your social media presence. These goals will be tailored exclusively to your business to keep your social media channels aligned and consistent.

  2. Analytics & Measuring Results – Analysing & measuring your social media success is vital in understanding how you set goals are tracking. Analytics & measurements also give a great insight into how your customers are tracking across your social media platforms and if they are fully converting.

  3. Your Current Brand Vision – Understanding your current brand vision is key to uncovering your unique selling point to ultimately differentiate your brand from competitors. Completing this section of the questionnaire will create an insight into your brand communications and how this can be managed to build consistency across all social media platforms.

Please complete the questionnaire with as much information and detail as you can, and give all of the questions a go! We look forward to reading your responses and getting started on your unique social media strategy.

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