Business Intensives

1:1 Mentorship sessions for business owners requiring support.

The success of your business online comes down to three things:

Let's get you the online business of your dreams, here is how I can help:

Business Intensives

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1:1 Successful Business Start Up Intensive

Support and actionable recommendations in setting up your business up for success & longevity!

  • An actionable online business strategy to implement to achieve your goals
  • Defining your unique online business goals & how to achieve them
  • Where to buy your domain name
  • Where to host your website & professional email
  • Actionable steps beneficial to growing your business online
  • What system to use to host your website
  • Recommendations of apps to use to help benefit the overall running of your business
  • Branding advice and recommendations of design
  • Support in set up of social media channels & how to use scheduling systems
  • Professional runnings of an online business
  • Lead magnets, incentives & growing your mailing list
  • Online systems to improve workflows
  • Website design recommendations
  • Ongoing SEO recommendations
  • Answering your questions & supporting you with launching your business online

1:1 Brand Discovery & Strategy Intensive

Get clear on your brand & how to SELL to your audience!

  • An actionable unique selling strategy to implement across your entire business model
  • Discover your brand mission, brand message and brand identity
  • Gain clarity on your brands purpose
  • Define your 3 brand messages that will remain consist across your brands communication at all times
  • Uncover your brand core values and utilising them to sustain an aligned business
  • Understanding what it means to be the business owner behind the brand and how to make your unique brand identity shine
  • Define your target audience and align yourself with their needs
  • Understand your unique customer experience & how to nurture customers ongoing
  • Uncover your unique selling tools
  • Overview of current brand assets and recommendations to align with new brand mission

1:1 Online Business Growth & Strategy Intensive

Ready to level-up & scale online ? Let me help you!

  • An online business strategy to implement to achieve your goals
  • Actionable recommendations & changes to your website, social media channels and email campaigns that will result in more sales & leads
  • Actionable steps beneficial to growing your business online
  • New online business opportunities to increase brand awareness
  • Incentive programs for new customers and online opportunities
  • Lead magnets, incentives & growing your mailing list
  • Innovative ways to increase your return customer rate
  • Website design trends & my design ideas to spice up your current website
  • Website optimisation and changes you need to make
  • Business recommendations to thrive online
  • Online systems to improve workflows

Should you book in an intensive? Ask yourself this:

Gain clarity on your brand identity

1:1 brand discovery session will elevate your brand & give you the clarity you need to sell to your ideal audience online.

Work 1:1 with Online business expert Aimee Scott in a specialised business intensive in deep diving in to clarifying your brand identity, key messages, target audience types and unique selling position. This is the KEY to a thriving online brand. 

Walk away with a clear understanding of:

  • How to present your brand online
  • Your unique brand mission
  • Your key brand messages
  • What makes your brand stand out
  • Defining your target audience on a deeper level
  • Online communication in your brand tone
  • Your unique selling proposition and how to sell to your target audience
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