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Elite business & marketing coaching for entrepreneurs who want to scale their brand.

My clients have seen amazing results within my modern marketing coaching program, including scaling to over 2 million in sales within the first year.


The Modern Marketing Coach. The Modern Marketing Coach.The Modern Marketing Coach.The Modern Marketing Coach.The Modern Marketing Coach.The Modern Marketing Coach.

Meet Aimee

Hey I’m Aimee, your modern marketing coach. I am a marketing & business coach for small business owners who want to scale their brand & become confident in their marketing.

After 5 years of running my own marketing agency I wanted to work closely with my clients on achieving their goals & provide them with the ongoing support & accountability required to scale. This is when I started my coaching business.

I have helped hundreds of businesses launch & scale through my strategies & generated over 100 million it client networth.

If you are looking for a coach to work with on scaling your business, I would love to help you too!

If you want...

  • A business ready to generate multiple 6 – 7 figures within the next year.
  • A marketing strategy that works successfully to grow your business internally & externally.
  • To feel confident in how your brand presents itself across multiple marketing channels & your website.
  • A clear understanding on who your exact target audience is & how to market to them effectively to make sales.
  • The exact strategy to consistently increase your revenue without having to hire more staff or work longer hours.
  • To level-up your personal brand to attract high-paying clients but are too afraid to put yourself out there.
  • A business your audience is obsessed with & wants to become an integral part of its’ community.

Then you need..

  • A high-level coach that has the exact knowledge, skills & dedication to scale your business.
  • Guidance from a ‘been there done that’ coach who has grown multiple million dollar businesses.
  • Action taking resources to boost your momentum & get the wheel turning at a faster pace then doing it on your own.
  • Consistent communication & goal setting to stay laser focuses on what is most important to you & going to get you results.
  • An ethical approach to scaling without sacrifice so you don’t reach burn out (again) just by following yet another one size fits all program.
  • A unique marketing strategy created to scale your business in line with your goals & marketing budget.

The Modern Marketing Coaching Program

This is a private coaching program for business owners who are ready to scale their business through proven marketing & business strategies.

This is for serious applicants only who are ready to invest in the future growth of their business. The coaching program pricing is $2,000 inc. GST per month for the next 6 months or $12,000 upfront & get 1 month FREE.

Once you have completed the application for you will be invited to an exclusive 30 minute 1:1 discovery call for approved applicants only.

Coaching is offered to only 10 clients at a time to ensure you get the results you desire.

Marketing Coaching Inclusions...

  • Work 1:1 with award winning marketing & business coach Aimee Scott
  • Fortnightly zoom sessions that go for 1 – 1.5 hours depending on your schedule
  • Daily VOXER coaching (Mon-Fri)
  • Monthly goal setting & action plan to keep you accountable & on-track
  • FREE access to ‘Inner Circle’ (small group coaching)
  • FREE access to resources vault
  • VIP access to all online & in-person events
  • 6 months celebratory dinner (if you are located in NSW) or gift to celebrate your achievements
  • 6 months of dedication to your business & personal growth

Coaching Client Results.Coaching Client Results. Coaching Client Results. Coaching Client Results. Coaching Client Results. Coaching Client Results. Coaching Client Results.

Meet Sarah

Sarah is the Founder of Ms Wila Interiors. Sarah has been working with Aimee within the 1:1 modern marketing coaching program and seen a 65% increase in sales within 3 months.

Sarah has transformed her online presence, marketing strategy and confidence in herself to grow her business.

Sarah has signed up to ongoing coaching with Aimee to increase her success and scale her brand.

“I can not recommend Aimee enough to business owners. She is very talented in website design and has a wealth of knowledge in marketing and strategies. I will continue to work with Aimee for many more months. She has turned my business around and I couldn’t be happier.” – Sarah Worth

Meet Ash

I started coaching with Aimee when things in my business had started taking off. I was feeling overwhelmed at how I was going to manage my workload and knew that I needed to upgrade my systems, services and overall delivery of everything in my business but I had no idea where to start and knew I needed some help. 

From my first chat with Aimee we just clicked, I was hesitant about committing to coaching at first because it is a big investment but after speaking with Aimee I felt completely at ease and supported and booked in with her straight away. Aimee is kind, caring, genuine and has so much experience working with website designers and through building her own successful business. She provides so much clarity, knowledge and insight that gave me the direction and tools I needed to grow my business from making $2000 per month to now consistent $8000 per month with even more growth on the horizon. 

When I first started with her my goal was to be making $4000 per month consistently and Aimee helped me to see my value and that I could make much more than that. 2 months later I hit my first ever $10,000 month. 

Having constant Voxer support has been so helpful for me to maintain motivation and also just have someone who understood how hard I was working to grow and celebrate with me every day. I am so grateful to Aimee for inspiring me and getting excited over all my little wins with me. 

In the last 4 months my business has had a complete overhaul and it feels like a different business to the start of this year. I am now not spending each seeking hoping I’ll be able to keep this business going. I now know I am the owner of a successful website design business. I 100% thank Aimee for getting me to this point, she gave me the support, encouragement and insight to grow to the point we are at today and I will forever be grateful to her. I also feel like I have made a very special friend ❤️

Thank you, thank you, thank you Aimee. 

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