How To Write Copy That Converts

Website visitors don’t have time to read anymore! With the efficiency of technology, we all want our information quickly and succinctly! A lot of businesses try to fit as much information as possible onto their webpages as they want to impress their visitor with all of their products/services. To write effective and engaging website copy, it is incredibly important to understand the essential elements of copywriting.

The process of mastering copywriting truly relies on your understanding of the 4 essential elements which decide whether your website copy converts or fails to engage your visitors. Excellent copywriting depends on 4 essential elements which I will be discussing in this article. This article will give you a greater understanding of copywriting and how you can implement each of these elements into your very own website copy. 

Let’s get started.

1. What do you want to achieve? 

Figuring out what you want to achieve from the copy you’re writing is incredibly important. You must determine what you want your copy to do for your visitors. This must relate to your business offerings and have an aim of helping your visitors solve a pain point. You must give enough information about your product/service for your visitor to make an informed decision on whether to engage with your business, or not. 

*Reminder~ This is not an opportunity to bombard your visitor with information! You do not need to try to solve every pain point or answer every question that may come up from your visitors. 

2. What information do you want to communicate?

A lot of businesses try to fit as much information as possible onto their web pages as they want to impress their visitor with all of their products/services. Website visitors are not looking for pages upon pages of irrelevant information, they simply want to find out how you can solve their problems & pain points. You must give enough information to help your visitor understand how much this problem is actually affecting them so further down the line, in your copy, you can address how you can solve this for them. 

3. Why should your audience care?

After determining the initial problem and elaborating further, you should be constructing your copy around how you, as a business, can help your website visitor. This is where you provide your solution to the visitor through the benefits of your product/services. Each web page should highlight and address only one problem, for example: website design (1 page) & social media (1 page). This helps your visitor find information quickly and discover how YOU can help them.

*Reminder~ This is not an opportunity to brag about your business! This is an essential element for solving your website visitors problems and providing solutions.

4. Implement your brand voice

Your brand voice must be implemented across your website copy to establish consistency across your marketing & selling platforms. If your brand voice is fun on social media but firm on your website- your website visitors will not be able to connect the two together. You must be consistent with your brand voice, across your website copy, to not only capture your visitors attention but increase your overall brand recognition. 


Mastering copywriting is a long journey but it is made a lot easier by understanding your visitors, their pain points, and being able to provide an effective solution for them across your website pages.

Monitoring your current customers’ previous pain points and their interactions with your business will give you a greater framework for your copy. 

Do you have any essential elements which you always incorporate into your copy? Leave a comment and share your knowledge with us!



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