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Using an email marketing system provides endless opportunities to communicate with your target audience & returning customers.

Create and automated your customer emails, while nurturing your customers along the way

At Aim Up Digital we work with you to build your mailing list via your website through embedded forms & pop ups. We are passionate about digital communication & work with your branding guide to create highly engaging, captivating emails that will get customers attention! We know how hard it is to keep up the communication with customers, so creating the best automated campaigns for your business is essential.

Every campaign is created using your preferred EDM system and set up for success. The opportunities are endless to create automated campaigns, triggered emails & newsletters. From the complete set up, integration with your website & design we can help and support your business. 

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WOW! I honestly don't know how to thank Aimee enough! Thank you so much, my website turned out absolutely amazing! Im so glad that I went went with you, after our first conversation we just clicked and I knew I wanted you to be apart of my new business journey.

Marli Ruhl

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Email Marketing Services By Aim Up Digital

Every client will receive a tailored proposal specific to their business requirements which will include a complete list of inclusions and pricing.

Our email marketing is for the business owner who is ready to:

Our custom designed email signatures are essential for every successful business owner

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