Can website design affect your SEO ranking?

Have you got your SEO plan in place but your website isn’t converting? 😔

We’ll let you in on a secret, your website design is probably the thing that’s dragging you down! 💻

BUT why? 

Great websites are built with all parts of your online presence and branding in mind! An aesthetically pleasing website may be appealing but it is not functional for your business for the long-term 📉

These are our top 5 must-haves for optimal website design and SEO:

1. Page speed ~ Don’t wave goodbye to your website conversions with a slow website! Your web design needs to be fast to engage your visitors and keep them on-site to boost your SEO ranking 💨

2. Navigation design ~ Navigation design is crucial for both your website visitors and your search engine ranking! Having a well designed navigation creates a constant flow on each web page so your visitors can find what they’re looking for 👀

3. Prioritise readability ~ If your visitors can’t read your content, they won’t stick around! Having cohesive design elements increases readability and audience interest. We advise NOT using: tiny fonts, pale colours that reduce visibility, or harsh designs 😧

4. Responsive design ~ Stay on top of visitor and search engine expectations with responsive design! Mobile-friendly websites are rewarded with higher search engine rankings and conversions 📱

5. Focus on content and images ~ Looks are a perk but they’re not everything! If you have an aesthetically pleasing website but your content isn’t up to scratch, your overall search engine ranking will be poor. Search engines also rank on the usefulness of your website so valuable content is a must ℹ️

At Aim Up Digital, we only build our websites with WordPress! We love using WordPress as its made with SEO and analytics in mind to boost your business’s performance and visitor conversions. With the right platform, your website can thrive! 🤩

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