Business coaching for women with big dreams

Aimee Scott offers a prestigious coaching program for Women who have the dream of running a successful business.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

✨ Working with dream clients

✨ Scaling your monthly revenue to $30k+

✨ Grow a legacy by marketing YOU and your point of difference

✨ Working on your own terms around kids, holidays and social events

✨ Feeling in control of your business and finally prioritising your own growth

It's time to go after what you want, and make your dream your real life. It is possible and I am here to get you there.

Are you asking yourself...

How do I scale to $20k+ months?

How do I make more money and work less?

How do I set goals and achieve them?

How do I create a brand that everyone wants to work with?

You need coaching!

You want to go all in, scale and feel the freedom of working less, higher paying clients and consistent income.

And I am the mentor who has done it all before you and can help you reach that next level in your business.

What we can achieve together

Attracting your dream clients

How to attract your ideal high paying clients inline with your niche, values & mission.

Sales strategy to sign more clients

Learn my exact strategy to more clients saying YES to you & paying upfront.

Build your personal brand

Gain the clarity you need to grow your personal brand and build connections.

Increasing your prices

Want to charge more for your services but have no idea what to charge?

Gain your time back

Manage your clients with ease to give you back your time & keep clients happy.

Scale your services & profits

Learn the exact next-steps to scaling your services through my value ladder strategy.

Business overview & improvements

We deep dive into what is working & what is not working right now.

Strengthen your mindset

When you have the strategy you need to mindset to make it happen.

I have been where you are right now...

You’re fiercely independent, passionate and not made for the ‘typical’ 9-5 job… that is WHY you started your business in the first place right?

You love making a thriving income, you love the freedom of being your own boss and you love watching your profits grow!

But running your own business isn’t easy, that’s for sure. Business owners typically push themselves far too hard and often end up burnt out, highly cynical, depressed, stressed, and over it!

And before you think I am judging you for it, this was me 2 years ago. I was overworked, underpaid, a ‘yes Woman’, dealing with insomnia, anxiety & stress to the point where my mental and physical health was detrimental. 

After 5 years of launching brands online, I knew I had the experience, strategy & knowledge to apply the same principles to my own businesses – Aim Up Digital and an E-Commerce brand I run with my husband.

I’ve built my brand, my community, my offers and ensured it is scalable and growing automatically. This is how I will help you, to turn your passion and business idea into a thriving brand as I have done for over 300 business owners globally.

A business coach helps you to stay accountable, overcome limiting beliefs and build a smarter business for the future.

There are two main reasons why a one-to-one business coach makes great sense for Entrepreneurs.

First, you get caught up in the whirl wind of Entrepreneurship, latest trends, un-strategic tips & hustle culture.

Second, a business coach is invaluable for keeping you on the right track and held accountable for putting in the work that gets you results.

If you’re ready to do business differently, I can help.

Let’s save time, money, angst, and inject way more joy into the process of building your business, your way.

Introducing the mentorship for Women ready to become wildly successful

1:1 mentorship with Aimee is for the aspiring & scaling multi 6 figure designers & marketers that are ready to stop playing small, & step up their game & impact online.

It’s a 6 month experience that will leave you with absolutely zero doubts as you step into being a full spectrum leader exploding with confidence, selling high-end offers with clarity so no income level or desire ever feels out of reach, you let go of frustration and step into the absolute vibe that is owning and operating a design or marketing business at this level. It’s time to elevate your brand & create a profitable business that actually FEELS good, operates well and calls in the kind of clients you know you were destined to serve.

Here’s what’s included inside the Women In Digital Mentorship:

💫 Fortnightly 1:1 session with Aimee Scott on Zoom

💫 Weekly feedback on your online presence strategy & marketing

💫 Tailored action plan to help you meet your goals

💫 5 days of private Voxer support per week

💫 Group Voxer support, so we can support you, hold you and celebrate every mindblowing win with you

💫 Access to ALL my resources & strategies

Words from my clients

I did’t know how I was going to scale my web design business and was struggling for 2 years. Aimee showed me how to level up on social media, my website and my marketing which has helped me double my monthly revenue. Thank you Aimee.


Aimee is a genius when it comes to marketing, scaling and attracting the clients you want to work with. She really takes the time to understand your goals and tells you how to make it happen. I was charging $500 for services and now I charge $5k thanks to Aimee’s help. 


Hi, I'm Aimee

I started my own web design and digital marketing business in 2018, with 1 client who was a family friend.

I am a Mum of 3, Wife, Dog Mum, Ocean lover, Smoothie Queen and advocate for Working Mums.

It has been my passion for the last 2 years to help Women in digital succeed with their business, as I continue to run my own.

My agency is established, my income consistent and clients who find me from all over the world. It is my time now to help others do the same, with a strategy that works for them backed up by my been there done it experience. 

My mission is to help as many Women in business as I can pave their path to a successful & flourishing life both online and offline.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

Our industry is saturated with freelancers, agencies & off-shore VA’s claiming to do a better job than you, and charging half the fees. So how do you find high-paying, consistent clients?

I have the answer, and it might not be as hard as you think. let’s create YOU a personalised action plan to attract your dream clients, scale your services, sell with ease and make more money than you thought was ever possible!

My mentorship is an exclusive program with limited spaces so I can give you the dedication & time you need.

There will be a limit on places in the mentorship program for 2023 – if you are ready to get started we highly suggest you APPLY NOW by clicking on the button below.

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