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Aimee Scott is the powerhouse for eCommerce brands who want to grow their online presence & make it work harder for them to generate more sales, more opportunities & bigger communities. Through combining cutting edge digital marketing strategies and her extensive background in design she offers her clients a unique experience.

In 2018 Aimee Scott started her own web design and digital marketing company which has helped over 200 global clients launch their business online. Aim Up Digital, a Sydney boutique agency offers web solutions that grow eCommerce brands from the ground up. Aimee provides complete online solutions such as complete eCommerce store builds, SEO, Copywriting & ongoing management. 

Aimee’s strength aligns with organic marketing strategies that enhance business growth for not just the immediate future, but also for years to come. Through her extensive knowledge of Search Engine Optimisation and Web development, she has mastered the skills in implementing SEO strategies across major search engines with exceeding results.

Through her 5 years in business and 10+ years of hands on experience in eCommerce development, SEO and digital marketing Aimee is paving the path for a new generation of Women in Tech who are empowered to take control of their online business, and support each other of their path to business success. 

“Your online presence will determine the success of your business. How your business shows up each day to the online world matters more than you think, and with the RIGHT help it can be the easiest part of business, or the hardest.” Aimee Scott

The web design & digital marketing agency providing a new experience for Australian businesses.

100% Female owned, and powered.

Established in 2018, Aim Up Digital work with innovative, passionate and professional business owners – just like you. We take your business idea, goals and visions and bring it to life online in the best way we know how. The end result is truly special, to witness something that once was just an ‘idea’ explode into a profitable, effective & innovative business.   

We are a team of passion fuelled experts that create authentic brand identities for our clients, specialising in building an online home that reflects the business’ story and values. Aim Up Digital is a strategic partner that takes care of your website design, marketing and business growth needs in the most ethical way.

Aim Up Digital will elevate your business through the creation of modern, high quality, professional online portfolios. Every client can expect ongoing support from our team and the guarantee your website will stand the test of time, providing high conversion rates by leveraging automated systems and custom integrations.

Our Values

Empowering Businesses

Our approach to working with you will always come from a place of empowerment and encouragement. We are not here to upsell or lead you down a path of unnecessary expenses. We will always offer our best advice on all areas of your business.

Australia Focused

We are here to support all Australian's with work opportunities therefore we do not outsource your projects to offshore freelancers or agencies. All of your work is completed on the Central Coast, Australia and within Australian borders.

Strategic Creative

We're not one to just wing it when it comes to our clients. All of our work is curated with your business goals in the forefront to ensure you are getting the results you desire to run a successful business & continue to grow with us.

Better Together

We’re all about forming strong, long-lasting relationships built off honesty & professionalism. We’re not interested in earning a quick buck. We prove our value to you over time, which is why so many clients stick with us!

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