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This is for the business owner who is ready to conquer the online world, with DIY training and support programs to suit your business goals. Work directly with Aimee Scott from Aim Up Digital.

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I cannot wait to become the next chapter in your business!

So what can we achieve together? We can’t take on the digital world alone and getting support from an experienced leader in the field will give you the tools, strategy and skills to create and maintain a professional, modern and engaging online portfolio. Our online portfolio is essentially everything and anything we use to promote our business online. This includes your website, social media channels, Google business pages, paid advertisements and online communities. You may not know where to start or may need help integrating it all together in-line with your business branding & tone in a professional and captivating way. 

After working with multiple businesses on various parts of their online portfolio and helping them achieve their online goals, Aimee knew she had the opportunity to help more business owners manage and create their online portfolios on their own by sharing her knowledge and skills. Whether you wish to DIY your website design, manage your own online portfolio effectively or need ongoing support you can count on Aimee to take your business further and thrive online.

Get to know Aimee. Hi, thank you for taking the time to get to know me better and potentially embark on a new business journey with me. Ever since I started my business, I knew I loved to work 1:1 with like minded business owners who share my passion for growing a business online from the ground up. I have a strong calling for working with people, getting to know you better as an individual, using your strengths to help you grow fast in areas that you are confident in, and give you support in the areas you are not. Together I know we are going to make a great team and accomplish business goals you may have thought were not possible. 

Let's work together

Trust in Aimee Scott to understand your business, and know exactly what it will take to get your business in the spotlight. The time is now, lets do this!

1:1 Power Hour
Best for business owners who need support with launching a business, or need direction & help with fast online growth.
$150/ Per Hour

Power hour inclusions:

  • Website and Social Media audit.
  • Define online goals and objectives, and how to meet goals within a realistic timeframe.
  • Define what changes need to be made on your website to increase lead generation/ increase sales.
  • Define changes to be made to social media accounts to increase conversions and engagement.
  • Strategy to move forward with.
1:1 Website Design Training
Best for business owners looking to DIY all, or part of their website design. This training will equip you with the ability to make design changes, accurately utilise backend systems, complete integrations and security management.
$300.00/ Per Training

*Training sessions are 2 hour intervals only.

Website training inclusions:

  • Website systems overview. What website system are you using and how to use it.
  • Logging into your system as an administrator and making changes to user accounts.
  • Changing business information.
  • Accessing plugins and apps and making updates.
  • Theme and website builder overview and how to make changes and updates.
  • Making design changes such as copywriting changes and image upload.
  • Launching Google Analytics reporting and overview of report.
  • Custom integrations overview and uploading third party apps.
  • Final 10 minutes of questions and summary.
  • *Training sessions are 2 hour intervals only. If you require further training this will be booked at an alternate date and time.
1:1 Ongoing Support
Best for business owners who need support, training and directions to grow online and build an online community. If you require weekly assistance this is the plan for you.
$600/ Month

*Starting Price

ALL inclusions from Power hour and Website Design Training delivered in a weekly 1:1 session. PLUS:

  • Book in a free 30 minute consult once a month to discuss your goals, objectives and queries.
  • Access to the exclusive Aim Up Digital support group and have access to Aimee during working hours for a quick response.
Have Any Questions?


Here are a few questions we often get along the way. If you still have further questions please get in touch.

Let’s start off with a 15 minute consult to see if we will be a good fit. We can begin by discussing you, your business and your online goals.

You will get access to a client portal where all of your information required will be collated. However you will need a laptop/ computer with camera, high speed internet and a positive vibe!

Yes, if you need to reschedule please email Aimee at with 24 hours notice. Please be aware there are no refunds. 

Please use the book online tool to potentially book in your session. From here you will have a 15 minute consult with Aimee, and then shortly after notified if you have been accepted to work 1:1 with Aimee Scott.

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